Control Dog Harnesses


Size Neck Chest Approx. Weight
X-Small 11″ to 15″ 14″ to 18″ 10-18 Lbs.
Small 13″ to 18″ 18″ to 22″ 18-26 Lbs.
Medium 17″ to 23″ 20″ to 28″ 26-45 Lbs.
Large 15″ to 17″ 23″ to 30″ 45-70 Lbs.
X-Large 19″ to 26″ 30″ to 40″ 70-125  Lbs.

The Bark Appeal Control Dog Harness is perfect for your leader of the pack. Adjustable from 4 points and offering two points of connection for gentle redirection and control of your dog. Some of the features of this Dog Harness:

*Front D-Ring attachment to redirect dog when pulling.

*Martingale loop provides gentle pressure on dogs neck.

*Adjustable from four points.

*Breathable Mesh lining

*Reflective border for added safety

These are just some of the features of our Control Dog Harness that make it you ideal choice.